Covid-19 Signage

How Custom Signs Help Create a Safe Environment

Construction sites can be some of the most dangerous working environments. To prevent injury of workers and visitors alike, clear safety signage on site is paramount. Construction signs ensure that everyone is aware of the potential danger and prevents injury or even death.

Department of Building Components Signs

When a construction site begins work, a fence is built around the area to restrict public access. Mandatory Department of Building Signs are posted on the fence to inform the public of the ongoing project. These custom signs include information such as an estimated completion date and other relevant information pertaining to the project. These signs also help protect the public from potential dangers of the construction site during the course of building.

Construction site signage requirements

Safety Signs

Site Safety Signage is one of the most critical aspects of keeping workers and members of the public out of harm’s way during an active construction project. These custom construction signs highlight demolition or other dangerous activities that may be taking place. For workers on site, safety signage reduces the risk of potential injury and emphasizes required equipment such as hard hats, goggles, or gloves. While construction site signage requirements vary from municipality to municipality and by state, most states make safety signs mandatory. Certified Signs can help navigate local signage laws for your site and create the proper signage design to satisfy all requirements.

Covid-19 Signage

Hard Hat Decals

Hard Hat Decals are more than just decoration. They also enable the worker to serve as a mobile reminder to uphold proper safety measures. For example, they could say “Safety first” or “I have a duty to stop unsafe work,” or “Stay alert.” These stickers can also serve as proof of attendance for safety orientation meetings or completion of other safety training.

construction safety signs


COVID-19 brings with it additional dangers to construction workers. Construction job site safety signs now also must help protect the health of workers during the pandemic. They warn workers to wear a mask, to maintain a six-foot distance from each other and to keep everything sanitized. Covid-19 signage can also help mark off that distance.

Covid-19 Signage


  • Construction sites can be dangerous for workers and the public.
  • Safety signs warn of danger at construction sites and can prevent injury. They also can direct the public around construction sites and remind workers to wear protective equipment.
  • Health and safety signage requirements vary by municipality and state. Certified Signs knows what is mandatory in each city.
  • Hard hat decals can promote safety and recognize safety achievements.
  • Custom made signs mandating masks and social distancing help protect the health of workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We Can Help With Construction Site Signage

Certified Signs has been making and installing safety signs in the workplace for more than 30 years. We create custom signage available in a variety of materials to match your budget and style. Based in Manhattan, we know the requirements for all municipalities in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Contact us online or at 212.397.1945 today.