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Anna Sui’s Museum Customized Graphic Design and Installation

One of our most viewed museum signage projects is the customized illustration for a well-known fashion designer, Anna Sui. After having done an illustration for her that depicts her downtown shop on Green Street, a local museum wanted to showcase the display at an exhibition dedicated to Sui’s work. 

The original plan was to place the graphic around the elevator area. However, it ultimately expanded into a full coverage custom display that would be showcased within the entire interior entryway of the museum’s exhibit. We were up for this unique project and expanded the piece to fit the client’s new vision.

Getting the Right Materials to Match Your Space

Unique graphic design installation projects such as this come with their own unique set of challenges. The type of surface the graphic is being applied to is important to consider to make sure that your vision is fully realized.

In cases such as the museum signage installation for Sui, we didn’t need to  provide samples as the client already had a strong vision of what they wanted.

However, for a new or existing structure, we’d want to see our existing paint themes, carpet and hardware while offering museum signage examples of our own to help guide clients to the best approach for their project. We take pride in helping our clients understand what approach and materials will work together.

Graphic Design Installation

Ensuring Your Design Installation is Code Compliant

Not only do we specialize in creating beautiful museum signage designs, but we are also experts in keeping them code compliant to avoid any serious fines. Our creative experts at Certified Signs are well versed in local building codes and laws, and help make sure our work is compliant with local and federal ordinances.

Working with Your Schedule

Certified Signs is able to schedule our installations at flexible times to avoid disruptions to your normal operations and interactions with customers.

Graphic Design Installation


  • We take pride in completing large and rather complex customized illustration displays  such as the Anna Sui’s museum display.
  • Our team works hand-in-hand with every client to ensure they get exactly what they want in custom signs and graphics.
  • Skilled architects and designers help clients choose the right materials that work with their current or anticipated design scheme.
  • We will help you maintain compliance with codes and regulations.
  • Knowing your scheduling needs, we will work on your project 

Looking for Customized Graphics or Signs?

At Certified Signs, we take pride in using the newest modernized equipment to create custom signs and graphics for our clients. We strive for perfection and are happy to do installations at most any hour that accommodates your schedule best. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our pros.