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No matter what type of business you’re running, having well-designed custom signs that display the name of your business and help communicate other relevant details is vital to the general aesthetic of your company. However, not all signs are created equal. Given that the quality of the signs on your business can either contribute to your business’s or event’s perceived level of professionalism or totally undermine it, purchasing your signs from a high-quality vendor can literally be vital to the livelihood and longevity of your business. With that in mind, for your convenience, here is an overview of the client process here at Certified Signs.

The Client Process

Given that we have a wide array of clients that utilize our services, the process tends to vary based on the needs of each business or individual.

Design Needs

One of the first things we typically take into consideration is whether you have a design of your own or if you need to have one custom made. If you already have a design, we essentially make alterations that help make the design more “sign friendly”. If not, we consult with you to find out what your building graphics goals are and create one for you.


Given that there is often no right or wrong way to design a sign, we often make recommendations in terms of what materials should be used, fonts, colors, execution, etc. These recommendations are typically based on the surface the sign will be created on. Either way, we go above and beyond to accommodate their needs, preferences and overall vision.


Next, we need an idea of what your budget is for the project. This will allow us to better plan out the project in terms of materials and execution.


To better allow you to visualize and understand what type of signs we are designing for you, we often bring in samples of materials and signs. Using the most cutting-edge equipment and materials, we bring your signage visions to life. This allows you the chance to see and touch the design before we finalize it.

Things to Know 

Although we are glad to lead you through the process, we are only here to facilitate the design you want that serves your business needs. To do so, you need to provide us with some details. You may know these details ahead of time, or we can walk you through every step of the way! Here are some details that will help:

  • The size of the area in which the sign will be applied
  • What materials the area is composed of/ whether you are in need of exterior or interior building signs
  • The exact dimensions you need the sign to be
  • How long the sign needs to be displayed
  • What type of finish you prefer (matte, satin or glossy)
  • Is there easy access to the location in which the sign will be hung
  • If there are any time restrictions or hours in which we can or cannot work
  • If ladders or lifts are required, the type of ladders that are allowed, and whether or not they are provided
  • Whether the building is union or non-union (Note: we are capable of installing in both)

If you are unable to get these details on your own, our friendly staff members will be glad to contact building management in order to assist in obtaining this information.

Key Takeaways

  • The type of signs used can literally make or break a business or event.
  • An extensive client process allows us to make sure the sign you are requesting is 100% up to your standards.
  • Taking the time to perform your due diligence in terms of details needed to properly create your sign can save us significant time in the design process.

Overall, if you need NYC building signage, our seasoned team of professionals here at Certified Signs is always here to help. Contact us immediately to schedule a consultation and allow us to create a sign that you are sure to love!

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