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What Industries Benefit from ADA Signage

ADA compliant signage is essential to ensure buildings are up to code and effectively communicating with the public. New construction and recently renovated spaces will need updated signage that complies with all legal requirements and helps guide people to their destination.

What is ADA Compliant Signage?

ADA refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act, a law that provides protection and accessibility requirements for people with disabilities. This includes proper signage that helps people with disabilities navigate a building. Although the ADA signage requirements of 2020 might seem somewhat daunting, Certified Signs are experts at ensuring compliance. ADA requirements include:

● Tactile signs with raised braille and pictograms
● Elevator signs
● Restroom signs
● Handicap parking signs
● Any signs that direct the public to access points

ADA requirements impact every sign in a building, but ADA signs specifically refer to the tactile signs used to mark permanent interior spaces.

What Industries Benefit from Custom ADA Signage?

If you are in construction, real estate, housing development or are a project manager or construction manager, finding a custom ADA signage company is mandatory for your business. ADA requirements change over time, and we can ensure you are up-to-date. If you are completing a renovation project its important to make sure your new signage follows current requirements.

All businesses should comply with ADA laws, but some industries might have more specialized needs. The healthcare industry – retirement homes, assisted living centers, and hospitals – have a more significant need to communicate with a larger base of people with special needs. Customized signs that go beyond ADA often are needed.

How to Make a Difference with Signs

The effectiveness of a sign can have a lot to do with its design and placement. Clear, well- designed signs do a much better job of delivering their message to the intended audience. These factors include:

● Bright clear font and lettering
● Attention-grabbing graphics
● Accounting for whether the sign will be indoor vs. outdoor
● Distance: How far will the intended audience be? Can the sign draw their attention and deliver the information they are looking for?

An effective sign can add value to a business and increase brand recognition. This is the case even with ADA signs and ADA compliant signage. Whenever you are delivering a message to the public, there is an opportunity. You want your message delivered in a manner consistent with who you are.

Benefits Signs Can Provide

Signs can make people aware of a new business or changes at an existing business. If a company has undergone renovations or substantial changes, signs can highlight the changes and boost brand awareness. Signs can highlight new services and introduce a brand to new customers. The ROI on this type of branding can be tremendous as the returns extend for years.

Key Takeaways

Signs are an important part of any business, providing value, branding and essential communication with the public. ADA signs and compliance are important for all businesses and provide some unique challenges. Certified Signs can:

● Provide expertise to ensure your signs are ADA compliant
● Design signs to ensure effectiveness through graphics, fonts, lighting and other features
● Provide customized signs that meet ADA regulations for businesses to meet the unique
needs of healthcare facilities, real estate developers, construction managers and others
● Ensure your needs are met while complimenting and amplifying your branding

To learn more about your signage options and needs and how you can maximize your communication with the public, visit Certified Signs.

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