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How Signs Can Help Your Branding Efforts

A company’s signage is an excellent marketing tool to establish a brand’s identity. Great signage can cause people to gravitate towards your business through banners, awning, and window graphics.

Understanding the psychology of signage

Even in the digital age, physical signs are still one of the best marketing tools for brick-and-mortar stores due to the way people mentally recognize a business by the consistent branding of their signage. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, “…signs can increase brand awareness by 47.7%, and boost average purchase amount by nearly 30%. It can also improve the customer experience and even increase sales and loyalty.”

How is it that signs carry so much power over the consumer’s decision to visit your store and even make a purchase? It all has to do with the psychology of signage which is informational and persuasive. But, when it comes to your corporate signage, it’s the familiarity of your brand that keeps people coming back. Customers get used to seeing your logo and your brand colors and they equate your brand with their positive experience s 

The importance of signage

The most obvious benefit of good signage on the exterior of your commercial building is for people to easily locate your business. Your exterior signage is also used to grow your business because people in the area will pass by and become aware of your presence. But most companies will need a wider variety of signage that may include permanent store signs, promotional signage, and signs that direct people or offer safety reminders.

Research has proven that signs are crucial for advertising. It is important for a business to have a strategic brand that is reflected in signage that is well-designed, with bright graphics, and a clear message.

Which signs can attract the most attention?

“Which signs are best for the intended application and your business objectives?” To get a better answer, ask the following questions about the new signage you’re considering and your target customers:

  • Do I need to increase my visibility in the community?
  • Am I trying to convey a critical message or promotional idea?
  • What demographic of customers am I looking to attract?
  • Should I consider signage that will improve my business reputation?

If you really want to attract attention and grow your business, consider those major brands and businesses that are recognizable only by their logo or signage. Consistency and simplicity are what made these aforementioned logos and signage so famous and unforgettable. They successfully used the psychology of signage to increase its corporate brand identity and its customer’s brand awareness.


  • Consider multiple types of signage for visual excitement, but keep your branding and messaging consistent
  • Good signage can increase your visibility in the community and can even be memorable to those that live regionally
  • The importance of signage includes its ability to create a mental bond with shoppers by increasing familiarity, trust and loyalty

If you’re a business owner looking to improve your marketing with signs that directly support your strategic brand, then contact us at Certified Signs where we design beautiful signs for the modern age. Our graphics design staff can help with selecting the right type of signs, the right messaging, and the right graphics to meet your business and branding goals.

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