ADA signage helps people navigate buildings and find their way out in case of emergency. These signs are also designed to help visually impaired individuals find their way around the building, This can include ADA braille signs with raised letters in elevators or along stairways with emergency instructions. Modern building codes require ADA accessible signs, but each locality has slightly different requirements. Certified Signs can help design, manufacture, and install attractive, code-compliant signs that are delivered on time and within any budget.

Code Compliance

Construction project managers are experts at building according to plans. They know how to deliver the building on time and under budget. They know that ADA building signage is required, but may not know the specific rules of each locality. This is where we come in. Certified Signs will help you navigate local laws and requirements for ADA signage while keeping in line with the aesthetics of the exterior and interior of your building.

Quick Response

Certified Signs is with you for every step of the way. Our fast response time with signs and graphics ensures that we are up to date with any changes in requirements or updates to the design of your signage package.


COVID-19 has brought financial challenges to the construction industry. Certified Signs can help you to meet a smaller budget while still presenting a high-end feel. We provide attractive, code-compliant ADA directional signs within the post-pandemic budget.

Contact Certified Signs For Custom ADA Signage!

Certified Signs, based in New York City, has more than 30 years of experience in the Tri-State Area. We have been consulting with construction managers since 1987 about signage codes of each locality in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. We guide builders through the process and can recommend ADA signage materials to fit with any building design or budget. We have a lightning-fast response time to beat inspection deadlines. At Certified Signs, we design and create each client’s vision with care. Contact us online or at 212.397.1945 to schedule a consultation to meet ADA signage requirements today!