When walking into a construction site, your eye will immediately go to the safety signs throughout the area. These required construction signs provide a twofold opportunity. Not only can construction site signage mitigate liability and ensure compliance with regulations, but it also affords opportunities to advertise the project. Certified Signs can help create a well-developed construction site signage solution will accomplish both of these tasks

Meet All Applicable Construction Site Signage Requirements

The most commonly required building construction signage pertains to hard hats, building site safety signs, and general construction health and safety signs. In certain situations, a project may need other signage due to a particular aspect of the construction work.

Not having all necessary construction safety signs could leave a construction site exposed to potential fines or delays. It also could present a substantial liability risk if there’s an accident at a construction site, and the required signage wasn’t in place.

Certified Signs will help make sure that your site has the proper signage package to be compliant with local and state laws.

Construction Signs NYC

COVID-19 Signage for Construction Sites

Construction companies must also consider what COVID-19 signage they’re required to post. The rules and regulations around COVID-19 signage are evolving and vary by state and municipality. At the very least, an increasing number of governments are insisting on relevant signs to serve as reminders. Because COVID-19 signage for businesses and construction sites continues to evolve and is locally dependent, Certified Signs can help provide signage quickly to meet changing requirements.

Marketing Opportunities Through Signage

Once the legally required signage is taken care of, you can turn your attention to using construction site signage for marketing purposes. For example, shed graphics and lettering that wrap around the wooden border fences are a simple way to market at the construction site. Additionally, banners can be secured to the bordering fences.

One particularly high-tech way to utilize the advertising space that a construction site’s shed provides is through illuminated shed lettering. Fabricated lettering can be added to the shed, illuminated from behind for a striking nighttime effect. The ultimate in shed wrapping, this type of signage communicates that a building project is truly high-end.

Alternatively, standard construction site graphics, wraps, and banners provide a more affordable way to advertise. In either case, wraps and banners can be used for:

•           “Now Leasing” signs

•           “Coming Soon” signs

•           Sponsor branding wraps

Custom Construction Signs in NYC

At Certified Signs, we offer high-quality construction site signs and graphics for projects in New York, New Jersey, and the surrounding area. Our durable signs are made to last for the years that a construction project can take, and we offer both signage packages that meet regulatory requirements and options for marketing signage. If you’re planning a new construction project, check out our website to see examples of what we can offer.